About English Harbour

English Harbour, a natural harbour and historical settlement on the southern tip of the island of Antigua, is a major boating centre, especially adapted to yachting. There are two sheltered deep-water harbours nearby: English Harbour itself and Falmouth Harbour. English Harbour is best known for Nelson’s Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where Admiral Horatio Nelson found natural protection for his fleet. This former British Navy base is now considered to be the only working Georgian dockyard in the world. English Harbour is a major sailing hub of the Caribbean, with many world-renowned regattas taking place here every year. The most active period for the Harbour is November to May annually when those with a passion for yachting or sailing have the chance to participate in any one of the island’s events, including the following:

Antigua Charter Yacht Show: early December
Superyacht Challenge: late January /early February
R.O.R.C. 600 Caribbean: mid February
Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta: April
Antigua Sailing Week: late April/early May.



Pigeon Beach. A striking stretch of sand at the mouth of Falmouth Harbour, Pigeon Point is the main public beach on the south coast. With a backdrop of sea grape trees and the occasional palm, it has calm and shallow water, making it good for families with children. A favourite spot for the local community as well as visitors, Pigeon Point's beach is also a fun place for snorkelling. Bring mask and fins!

Galleon Beach. Galleon Beach is situated at Freeman's Bay in English Harbour on the southern tip of Antigua in the heart of the National Park. The surrounding area is a beautiful blend of white sandy beaches, rolling hills, tropical vegetation, marine life, nautical atmosphere, and historical sites.

Rendezvous Bay. If you plan to spend some really private time on the beach, you might give the aptly named Rendezvous Bay a try. This beach is not easily accessible by car but you can have fun doing trekking there. The beach is a stunning stretch of soft white sand often labelled one of Antigua’s most beautiful for its natural intensity and mountainous backdrop.



Whatever your activity of interest, there are many choices for you among sports including water sports, hiking, fitness or even learning to swim in Antigua.

Antigua Equestrian Centre - Springhill Riding Club. The riding stables at Springhill in Falmouth are very close to several beaches and to the historic sites of English Harbour. Ride in the cool of the morning and explore the rest of English Harbour in the afternoon.

Temo Sports. Situated in English Harbour overlooking the Marina features two floodlit tennis courts and two glass - backed international squash courts.

Antigua Yacht Club. AYC is open to anyone who has an interest in all kind of water sports.

Ondeck Sailing. Offers a huge range of activities ranging from day charters, training courses, racing in the regattas, to group trips and events and, most importantly, we can create events to suit your particular requirements.



When the sun has set and the stars begin to shine, the curtain can rise on the evening’s entertainment, especially during the winter months when the island is at its busiest.
Above the harbour, at Shirley Heights, are the partially restored fortifications of the harbour's colonial observation post. The view from Shirley Heights extends out over the harbour and far across the Caribbean to Montserrat and Guadeloupe. Everyone heads here on Sundays. The party begins as the sun sets and the steel band sound fills the air, followed by the exciting energy of reggae and soca live music. Barbequed food is available to soak up some of those rum punches. The steel band also plays on Thursday nights from 4pm. Shirley Heights can be reached via Lookout Trail, a nature walk that departs from Galleon Beach through a forest of trees. Descending the trail is not advisable after dark or barbecue revelry.



Catherine’s Café, located on Pigeon Beach (one of the most fabulous beaches in Antigua) has always been a favourite lunch destination for ‘those in the know’ looking to enjoy great French cuisine and fine wines in good company. Catherine’s is also open Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Pillars, one of The Admiral’s Inn restaurants, is located in the history-seeped Nelson’s Dockyard. The waterfront setting is traditional and has a view of the Powder Magazine and Pillars sister restaurant Boom, easily accessed by boat service between the two. Both restaurants offer laid-back quality lunch and dinner fares.

Cloggy’ s, located upstairs at the Marina, has a great yacht club atmosphere and a great view of the sailing and motor yachts anchored in the Marina. Generous portions, dieters beware. The bar scene is very lively.

Abracadabra, in English Harbour, transforms from an elegant Italian restaurant in the early evening to a pulsating outdoor nightclub later on. A variety of DJs lead
the crowd to dance under the stars. This is a busy bar during the winter with fair priced drinks and friendly staff. Occasional live performances by worldwide known artists are the cherry on the cake.

South Point, located in Falmouth Harbour, takes its inspiration from Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. South Point’s restaurant offers an eclectic mix of authentic flavours. In keeping with its cosmopolitan character, the South Point dining experience is the perfect combination of international taste and local flavour. There is also a sushi bar.

Sun Ra, as seen from the road side, is an unassuming Caribbean wooden house set in a pretty garden lit up by dancing lights in the trees. Once you head through the wooden gate, and as you round the corner onto the gallery your senses are sent into overload: aromas of fresh cooked food from the kitchen, the warm and calming effect created by the lighting and the stunning views of the harbour on which the restaurant is located.

Famous Mauro is located just past Cobb’s Cross junction. Mauro is a skilful Sardinian pizzaiolo. His restaurant has a simple open-air terrace; the pizzas are perfectly cooked in a wood oven, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

This listing is by no means all-inclusive. Several other bars and restaurants within walking distance in English Harbour also have great night-time vibes in the yachting season.